Eco-Friendlier Disposable Cups and Utensils Work When Convenience Rules

October 17, 2012 in CSR by Gina-Marie Cheeseman


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If there are certain occasions when convenience is of the utmost priority, then using disposable cups and utensils that also happens to be made from plant sources is the way to go. Repurpose makes both hot and cold cups and utensils from 100 percent plant sources, and sells them at an affordable price. The cups and utensils are compostable within 90 days in a commercial setting.

Founded in 2009, the Los Angeles-based company makes products from Ingeo resin, which comes from plants not oil. Developed by Nature Works LLC, Ingeo resin a biopolymer made from plants and not petroleum.

The coffee cups were the first product available to consumers. Unlike traditional disposable coffee cups which use layers of paper, Repurpose’s coffee cups use only a single wall. They are chlorine free, made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, and like all the company’s products, only soy based inks are used on them. The production of the cups, according to Repurpose’s website, generates less carbon than traditional disposable coffee cups.

While using reusable products are always more eco-friendly, if you need to use disposable cups and utensils, Repurpose’s are a better choice. I speak from experience as I used the coffee cups, cold cups and utensils while camping over Labor Day weekend. In the spirit of full disclosure, a marketing representative for the company sent me the products for review.

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